Mousethruthehouse.com™ provides the most comprehensive look at Tampa Bay area new-home models and builders in one convenient location. Better still, without leaving home, home buyers can find their preferred neighborhood, price range, home size and style, then ... via walk-thru videos ... explore model homes across the Tampa Bay area in just five clicks of a computer mouse. And once they find a home, they can ... at their option ... link directly to the home builder's web site for more detailed information and to arrange for an actual visit to the home of their choice.

Best of all, no registration is required and mousethruthehouse.com™ is a completely free service.

The concept for mousethruthehouse.com™ grew from several sources, but primarily from the need for consumers to easily locate new homes, and for new-home builders to promote their products efficiently and cost-effectively. With gasoline prices near all-time highs and personal time more valuable than ever, mousethruthehouse.com™ is, without question, the most efficient way to shop for a new home. But unlike visits to a builder’s website where a few photos and a floor plan await, this innovative tool provides walk-thru video tours that allow visitors to see every aspect of a new home ... including glimpses inside closets, cabinets, pantries, storage areas and so on. No wasted gasoline or hours behind the wheel. It’s all there with a few mouse clicks.

Mousethruthehouse.com™. New-Home Shopping That Clicks.

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